I’m tired of acting like I’m okay.


Uprising Theme 

new theme! i think this one is pretty cool, it’s got lots of color options as well as post size options and the option to upload your own cursor. the glow is optional, or you can chose to have the posts glow when you hover over them.

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for list of features and about rgba posts

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Also I’m 100% positive you don’t even like me as much as I like you so I’m ripping this bandaid off now.

I keep wanting to make this deeper than it is but really I need a reminder to myself that I’m better than this. I’m better than constantly asking if I need to date you. I need to get myself to stop but I’m not sure how unless I constantly tell myself. I rationalized that your reasons are stupid and maybe you’ll realize it but fuck it. That was always a stupid way to think. I think that its ridiculous you won’t take my feelings seriously and when I try to tell you its different you won’t listen to me. I tell you I don’t want to date anyone else and you won’t listen to me. I’m tired of my feelings not being valid. And I need to tell myself that. I need to tell myself that because I shouldn’t be throwing myself at you and having sex with you I shouldn’t be laying all over you and holy shit. I need to be myself. I need to do so many things for myself.